Made Easy Battlefield Tours

Made Easy Battlefields Tours are our very own Remembrance Tour specialists with extensive experience escorting groups to foreign battlefields with Australian significance. In the past 20 years, we have hosted tours to international locations including Turkey, France, Belgium, Libya, Egypt, Israel and Vietnam. Our guides are very knowledgeable and have a real feel and understanding for the history and significance of battlefield locations as well as the interests of Australian travellers. Whether you’re interested in the general Australian experience of war, or are following in the footsteps of a family member, our guides will convey comprehensive information about Australian military history and add great value to your adventure.

See the bridge made famous by books and movies and discover the sad and harrowing true story of the Bridge over the River Kwai

Tour the famous Battlefields of the Somme region of France, home to some of the worst conditions of the first World War.

Recount the stories of the battles of the Somme and Flanders regions of France’s Western Front.

Tour the battlefield of one of Australia’s more recent conflict engagements, Vietnam.

Explore one of the world’s most heavily guarded ceasefire locations and even step foot into North Korea.

Hike the grueling Kokoda Trail between Port Moresby and Kokoda with an Australian Leader. This tour requires a high level of fitness.

Explore the story of the weapons which almost swung the initiative back to Germany's favour. The terror weapons; the V1 and V2 rockets.

Explore the impressive coastal fortifications of The Atlantic Wall, Hitler's desperate attempt to prevent a seaborne invassion of Europe after the evacuation at Dunkirk.

Explore the story of one of the greatest strokes of luck and bravery in the Second World War; the evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk in1940, and see the remains of the Atlantic Wall, built to prevent their return.

Learn the stories of the ingenious operation of the RAF Bomber Command nicknamed the Dam Busters, exp0lore the story of the Great Escape and visit the infamous Castle Colditz, the once POW prison.

Learn of the sacrifices of World War II by exploring the stories of Anne Frank and Oskar Schindler.

Experience what it was like to live in a country forced to surrender to, and become occupied by Nazi Germany and learn the stories of those who bravely resisted.